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Board of Trustees

Regular meetings of the board of trustees are typically held the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. Special Board Study Sessions and Special Board Meetings may be called throughout the year.


Notice of all board meetings, scheduled or special, are posted on campus and on this site. Parents, guardians and community members are invited to attend the meetings.


Current and past board packets can be viewed by clicking the "Board Agendas & Minutes" link on the left and then clicking on the fiscal year during which the meeting occurred. Files are ordered by board meeting date (yyyy-mm-dd) with the most recent at the top. Unless otherwise noted, all board packets are for regularly scheduled Board meetings. Board packets for future meetings will be posted on the Friday before each Board meeting.


Mary Navas



Mark Swan

Vice President

Mike Renfro

Past President


Donna Odryna



Marissa Swett